The WATCH & GO® videos are the culmination of years of experience in writing, producing and selling video learning resources.

Back in 1988 Hugh Murray co-founded, with business investor Michael Herbert, the training video resources company Fenman Limited. In 1990 Catherine de Salvo joined the company as Marketing Director.  Following the sale of his shares in the business in 2002, Hugh and Catherine founded Scott Bradbury in April 2003.

During its first three years, Scott Bradbury developed a successful data accuracy skills training business, and there is more about this at


A Question of Evidence DVD Pack

In 2006, seeing opportunities created by new technology, Scott Bradbury launched its first video-based training resource called ‘A Question of Evidence: The Behaviour-based Interview’ (about conducting successful selection interviews).

With the advent and growing popularity of online and then mobile learning, in 2011 Scott Bradbury developed its own video streaming platform and management system called StreamLearning™. This made it easy for clients to access the video learning content globally online and made it possible to track and manage video usage too.

Anticipating further changes in the market, Scott Bradbury created its first series of short videos later that year, meeting the demand for much quicker, more versatile and mobile-friendly video content. The ‘What To Say When…’ series of videos illustrates how to handle tricky everyday situations at work and how to conduct difficult conversations with colleagues.



In 2013 Scott Bradbury developed the WATCH & GO® video learning concept, enabling learners to access short, pithy and practical learning messages directly at their desks or on their mobile devices. And in 2014 a new series of short videos, ‘Management Challenges’, was launched. These videos convey valuable insights into managing people and provide practical support, particularly for new managers who are grappling with the additional responsibilities of their role.  

Scott Bradbury is an innovator in video learning and continues to expand its well-known and popular library of titles.

The WATCH & GO® brand, together with the company’s unique video content, position Scott Bradbury as one of the country’s leading producers and suppliers of corporate video learning.   



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