Whether you’re an existing WATCH & GO® customer, or you’re exploring the idea of taking out a subscription to the videos, here you’ll find some useful information about the concept of WATCH & GO® videos, details of customer benefits and examples of which organisations already use our services. On this page you’ll also find details of our annual subscription so you can see what it costs.


New to WATCH & GO® videos?

WATCH & GO® videos are the simplest, most cost effective way to show your people what to do and what to say in tricky everyday work situations. We’ve dozens of these highly practical short videos for you to discover. And they are all streamed simply and easily, directly to your people wherever they are. Start Here

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Customer benefits

Once you’ve signed up to use WATCH & GO® videos, there are many ways we can help you to optimise the value of your subscription, so you get even more for your budget. Everything is included in your annual subscription fee so there is nothing more to pay!

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Who uses WATCH & GO®?

WATCH & GO® customers come from all sectors. Interpersonal problems, challenges and communication issues are common to all situations at work that involve people. So whether you work in the private or public sector, or have learners working in a not-for-profit or commercial environment, the WATCH & GO® videos hit the spot!

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How much does it cost?

There is a single, corporate-wide annual subscription fee, which makes everything simple and easy to administer.  

It’s hassle-free because you don’t have to buy licence rights for a particular number of employees and you don’t need to register individuals either. What’s more, the videos are available to everyone in your organisation, without limit. As new employees join your organisation they automatically have access – and there’s no additional fee. 

An annual licence for the entire library, with unlimited use is £8,916 + VAT. Choose as many or as few videos as you wish – prices start from just £199 + VAT each. Please contact us for a personalised quotation.

WATCH & GO® videos are priced to give you great value for money. See our page on cost-effective learning for making a strong business case for your subscription.