Useful tips for WATCH & GO® customers

Once you’ve signed up to use WATCH & GO® videos, there are many ways we can help you to optimise the value of your subscription, so you get even more for your budget. Everything is included in your annual subscription fee so there is nothing more to pay!

Usage Report

Usage reports

Full usage and tracking facilities are included in your subscription and are accessible from the ‘admin’ link on your screen when you log in if you are a named administrator for your site. If you need us to set you up with these rights, give us a call and we’ll do it straight away.  You can download Excel spreadsheet reports showing usage by month, and by year, to date. You can see which person viewed which video, and when. And you can also see if people viewed the video ‘completely’ or not. (They can only download their learner’s certificate if they view the video to the end.)

Updating your welcome message

Use the facility to update your welcome page as often as possible to provide news and information to your learners. It’s really easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes. Why not feature your ‘learner of the month’ on this page, with their photograph and a testimonial from your video learner? You can change the welcome message to relate the videos to your other current learning initiatives and we recommend that you change the photograph that appears on the right of your welcome page too. Ringing the changes helps keep people engaged and coming back for more. Ask us for ideas!

Support videos

There are two videos to show you how to use your WATCH & GO® services.


The first is for your learners and we recommend you send this out to people as they sign up to the service and when you launch and promote the videos. It shows them how easy it is to register and access the videos. You’ll find it on our YouTube Channel.

Registration Instructions


We also provide you with a customised information sheet showing your people how to register and use the service.

The second support video is for you as an administrator of your WATCH & GO® video learning site. Take a couple of minutes to see how easy it is to take full advantage of all the tracking, reporting and customisation facilities included in your licence.

Marketing services

We’re here to help you promote WATCH & GO® so that your videos are ‘in demand’ not just ‘on demand’!  Here’s a list of just some of the marketing support services we include throughout the year at no additional charge:

  • Monthly review of viewing logs and promotional activity
  • Customised email copy writing
  • Customised pdf electronic posters for each of the video titles
  • Email signature graphics featuring ‘video of the month’
  • Access to ‘How to use your WATCH & GO® video site’ videos (one for learners and one for administrators)
  • Face-to-face taster sessions on special occasions on request
  • Lots of handy marketing resources – see our resources page

QuickLinks for your LMS

If you already have your own Learning Management System, you can ask us to provide you with ‘QuickLinks’ to embed links to the videos into your existing portal. This avoids double login and means your learners are directed to view a particular video, without logging into our StreamLearning™ system. We host all the videos so you don’t need to worry about this.

Many of our customers use a mix of both QuickLinks and our StreamLearning™ platform because it is mobile friendly and provides full tracking facilities. The choice is yours. Please call us on 01638 723590 for informal, friendly advice.

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Want an informal chat to find out more?

Angie Dean

Angie Dean

Angie Dean is our WATCH & GO® video expert. With a background in video production, Angie is ideally placed to answer your questions about using video and will help you get the very best value from your WATCH & GO® subscription. Angie can advise you on our range of marketing support services and provide you with ‘QuickLinks’ to embed in your existing Learning Management System and PowerPoint slides.