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Videos have been used for training and development for decades and are now ubiquitous in our everyday lives. At our desks, at home and on our mobile devices, video is a quick, convenient and entertaining way to access information. In fact, we’re so used to watching video, it doesn’t even feel like ‘learning’!

What’s different about WATCH & GO® videos is that they are seamlessly integrated into everyday work activities, so your people don’t have to set aside special time for ‘learning’. In the real world of work – and however well motivated your people are – there is rarely time for self-directed, online learning away from the classroom. By dipping in to watch a two minute video prior to a meeting, in preparation for a difficult conversation or when faced with a tricky management problem, your learners can access what they need at the point they need it, so they literally ‘watch and go’!

What's different about WATCH & GO®?

WATCH & GO® videos are the simplest, most cost effective way to show your people what to do and what to say in tricky everyday work situations. For example, how to manage people who were recently your peers in ‘From Mate to Manager’ or how to improve punctuality in ‘What To Say When Someone is Late’. We’ve dozens of these highly practical short videos for you to discover. And they are all streamed simply and easily, directly to your people wherever they are.

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There are no ‘e-learning modules’ to complete, no silly questionnaires to answer, just really useful, engaging video learning, which gives people what they need when they need it. You can use our free StreamLearning™ delivery platform as a standalone service, or integrate our videos with your existing Learning Management System. Or you can do both! There’s no additional charge.

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For more information about why video is such a good medium for learning, please visit our Video Learning page. And we’ve helpful insights into Blended and Mobile learning too.

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Angie Dean

Angie Dean is our WATCH & GO® video expert. She can explain how our service works and set you up with a free, no obligation demonstration. With a background in video production, Angie is ideally placed to answer your questions about using video and will help you get the very best value from our versatile WATCH & GO® pricing options, depending on your specific requirements.