WATCH & GO® customers

WATCH & GO® customers come from all sectors. The videos themselves are not specific to any working environment or context because they are mainly filmed on a neutral white background. This means the viewer focuses on the learning messages and it also means that learners from all types of organisations relate to them. Interpersonal problems, challenges and communication issues are common to all situations at work that involve people. So whether you work in the private or public sector, or have learners working in a not-for-profit or commercial environment, the WATCH & GO® videos hit the spot!

Education sector

A large number of the UK’s universities are subscribers to WATCH & GO® videos. Here is a selection of the universities benefiting from our video streaming services:


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University of Northampton
University of Hull
University of Derby
University of Southampton
Liverpool John Moores University
Loughborough University
Heriot-Watt University
London Metropolitan University

Public sector

We work with local and national government, the NHS and other public sector organisations both in the UK and internationally, being preferred to other suppliers because of our flexibility and good value. Even where budgets are tight we provide high quality, reliable and easy-to-access video learning. Clients include:


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Transport for London
North Yorkshire County Council
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Kirklees Council
Edinburgh Leisure
Isle of Man Government
St. George's Healthcare NHS Trust

Private sector

WATCH & GO® customers come from right across the private sector and include organisations from the following sectors:

Healthcare manufacturing

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Not for profit and Charities

Big, nationally-known charities, as well as smaller ones who are not household names are included in our range of very diverse WATCH & GO® customers.

IR Academy
The Institute of Cancer Research


Who are our customers?

HR and L&D Professionals

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HR and L&D professionals use WATCH & GO® because:

  • You love the videos!
  • We’re reliable and fun to work with
  • Corporate-wide licence for unlimited use
  • Hassle-free (you don’t register users)
  • Links to embed in your existing system
  • Links to use in your workshops
  • Instant usage reports
  • As many or as few titles as you wish
  • Great value for your budget!


Video learners

End-user learners watch our videos because:

  • They are easy to access
  • They provide 24/7 support wherever required
  • They fit easily into daily activities
  • They are a fun, engaging way to learn
  • They are practical
  • They are relevant
  • They are ideal for private, personal learning
  • They are good for triggering discussions
  • It’s quick and easy to pick up useful ideas


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