Mobile learning

Perfectly timed – not ‘just in time’

People learn best when what they are learning has an immediate application. Mobile learning means that your people can call upon videos to provide them with support at exactly the perfect moment. Wherever they are. Not ‘just in time’, which always sounds like a rather desperate attempt to learn something before it’s too late, but perfectly timed to suit the learning need.

And no time is ever a bad time. Day or night, or at odd moments when time would otherwise be wasted, your learners can log in and view videos on their mobiles or tablets from anywhere, at a time to suit them and whenever they have a need.

Part of Everyday Activities

Personal learning on your mobile

Mobile learning is great for individuals who want to learn quietly on their own, perhaps without seeking support from their Learning and Development Department. Maybe a manager doesn’t want to let it be known that they need help with a particular issue, or perhaps they simply prefer the solitude of quiet, private viewing. Whatever the reason, enabling people to learn on their own, away from the hustle and bustle of work, means that you are providing another valuable learning channel.

Time for learning

Nobody thinks they have too much time. Nobody ever declares, “Oh, I’ve so much spare time today, I think I’ll do some online learning.” Being ‘too busy’ is a state of mind and the truth is, we all have the same amount of time available to us each day. It is how we choose to use that time which impacts what we do and what we don’t do. Regulating learning to ‘spare time’ says a lot about the prioritisation of learning in any case!

The answer is to integrate video learning into regular everyday activities so you don’t need to allocate special time for it.

The accessibility of mobile learning makes this easy.

The great thing about WATCH & GO® videos is that you don’t necessarily need to ‘make time’ for learning because learners incorporate their video viewing into their everyday working lives. With most of the videos taking less than five minutes to watch, incorporating them into already scheduled activities – like meetings, people management and daily tasks – takes no time at all. The learners benefit from the video content without thinking of it in terms of ‘online learning’. They simply absorb the learning messages as part of their normal working day.

For those who do want to ‘make time’ for learning, the key to success is to make it quick and easy for employees to dip into your video learning. You might run a ‘little and often’ promotional campaign suggesting just ten minutes at the beginning or end of every day is set aside to watch a video. Or you might nominate a certain day of the week as ‘video viewing day’, during which everyone watches just one video. By making video learning a habit, it ceases to become a big issue about ‘not having time’.

Liitle and Often

Watching on your mobile means it doesn’t even feel like ‘learning’.

Social learning

The ability to post thoughts and comments about the videos that have been viewed encourages interaction between learners. Mobile platforms encourage this shared corporate communication, and feedback, debate and discussion are all valuable forms of engagement in your video learning.

In telephone research, learners stated that being able to use their mobile devices to access the videos meant they were more likely to view them.

“The videos definitely hold my attention”



  • Perfectly timed

  • Personal, private learning

  • Part of everyday activities

  • Little and often

  • Video learning habit

  • Always a good time

  • Social learning


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