StreamLearning™ is the name of our global video streaming service and it comes free with every video subscription. We host all the video files, so you don’t need to. We use a network of servers around the world to stream the videos directly to your learners wherever they are.

Use our platform or yours – or both!

If you already have your own learning management system, you don’t have to use our platform – we can provide you with ‘QuickLinks’ to embed and play inside your existing system. Many of our clients like to use a mixture of their own LMS and our StreamLearning™ platform, since our system is very easy to use, provides detailed usage reports and includes mobile-friendly delivery of the videos.


Your WATCH & GO® StreamLearning™ video learning site comes with a customised interface, bearing your logo and branded to match your corporate colour. The welcome message and image that appears on the home page is customised and easily updated, and we encourage you to use these facilities creatively to engage learners and provide them with additional information.


Reports and tracking facilities

StreamLearning™ provides you with on demand Excel spreadsheet reports showing which person has viewed which video, and when. You can also see whether an individual has viewed a video completely, or not. You can download reports per video title, per learner and for your whole corporate-wide viewing history per month and per year to date. So it’s very easy to keep track of everything and to have all the information you need at the touch of a button.

Even if you opt to use our video ‘QuickLinks’ to embed inside your own Learning Management System, you can still track volume usage. 

Downloads and certificates

Nearly all our videos are accompanied by subject guides which summarise key learning messages. Learners simply download the guides from the relevant video page and use them for reference purposes and as crib sheets to prepare for a ‘difficult conversation’ or a forthcoming meeting. Clarity is important and these guides are written in clear English. Our aim is to communicate practical, useful messages to your learners – not bamboozle them with management speak!

Easy and quick

In designing our StreamLearning™ platform, the over-riding consideration was ease of use. We make it quick and easy for your learners to access the site and to find what they need. We also make the administration and update of your StreamLearning™ site very simple and provide you with on-going support too. We set up your StreamLearning™ site within 48 hours and make the videos available to your learners without fuss or delay.


In telephone research, learners stated that the StreamLearning™ system is very simple to use and easy to navigate

“I could find the videos I wanted very easily and I had no problems using the service”

Self-registration for learners is simple

Select the video you want

Watch Video Screen
Watch the video and download the accompanying subject guide

  • Free with video subscription

  • Easy to use

  • Global service

  • Standalone or with your LMS

  • Learner self-registration

  • Your corporate branding

  • Tracking and reports

  • Download facility

Want to see for yourself?