Sound Advice, the podcast series from Scott Bradbury

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• Learning off-screen (even with your eyes closed!)
• Thought-provoking topics and high quality production
• Practical takeaways for every listener.

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Hosted by ex-BBC presenter, Sue Marchant.

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Current podcasts include:

• How to Get the Most out of a Learning Experience
• It's All About Belonging
• Making Remote Teams Work
• Neurodiversity and Appreciating our Differences
• Practical Positive Thinking
• Roots of Resilience
• Take a Breath
• Unblurring your Work-life Boundaries.

Topics under development for 2021 release include:

Virtual Meetings
When a Colleague has Cancer

Gender Equality.

Listen to a sample podcast

Neurodiversity and Appreciating our Differences

Making Remote Teams Work

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