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Working In Uncertain Times Working In Uncertain Times

Information packs

Download Promoting Online Learning Guide Download Promoting Online Learning Guide Using video to motivate learning Using video to motivate learning Topics & Titles List Topics & Titles List

How to use our videos

There are two videos to help you and your learners get the very best from your WATCH & GO® video learning site. The first is designed to show your administrators how to use the usage logs and customisation facilities. The second is designed for you to show your learners how to register and find the videos they want. Both videos are short and reassuringly easy to follow!

When you sign up for your WATCH & GO® site, you’ll receive a customised ‘How to register’ document for you to send to your learners and use whenever you are promoting the video learning service. It shows people the simple steps for registering on the system and using the videos.

Call 01638 723590 for your customised copy of the registration document.

Administrator User Video Administrator User Video Learner Registration Video Learner Registration Video


There is an electronic poster for each of the videos in the WATCH & GO® library. These can be customised with your logo and include a direct link to the relevant video on your learning site. Please feel free to download our sample posters below.


What To Say When... sample What To Say When... sample Management Challenges sample Management Challenges sample Management Skills sample Management Skills sample Management Pearls sample Management Pearls sample

Promotional graphics

Why not promote a ‘featured video of the month’, with a customised graphic inserted into your email signatures? We produce a new one each month, which you’re welcome to use. You can even ask us to write some bespoke email copy for you – it has been proven to generate an eight-fold increase in video viewings.

Month 1 Month 1 Month 2 Month 2 Month 3 Month 3 Month 4 Month 4 Month 5 Month 5 Month 6 Month 6 Month 7 Month 7 Month 8 Month 8 Month 9 Month 9 Month 10 Month 10 Month 11 Month 11 Month 12 Month 12 Month 13 Month 13 Month 14 Month 14 Month 15 Month 15 Month 16 Month 16 Month 17 Month 17 Month 18 Month 18 Month 19 Month 19 Month 20 Month 20 Month 21 Month 21 Month 22 Month 22 Month 23 Month 23 Month 24 Month 24 Month 25 Month 25 Month 26 Month 26 Month 27 Month 27 Month 28 Month 28 Month 29 Month 29 Month 30 Month 30 Month 31 Month 31 Month 32 Month 32 Month 33 Month 33 Month 34 Month 34 Month 35 Month 35 Month 36 Month 36 Month 37 Month 37 Month 38 Month 38 Month 39 Month 39 Month 40 Month 40 Month 41 Month 41 Month 42 Month 42 Month 43 Month 43

Learning Guides

These guides accompany the Management Skills series of videos in the WATCH & GO® library and cover nine key management topics in depth. If you like the content of these learning guides, you'll want to use their associated videos, which are available as DVD resource packs as well as streamed video programmes. Call 01638 723590 for further details.


Agreeing Development Objectives Agreeing Development Objectives Absenteeism: Getting a Grip Absenteeism: Getting a Grip Behaviour-based interviewing Behaviour-based interviewing Coaching: The Power of Questions Coaching: The Power of Questions Giving Difficult Feedback Giving Difficult Feedback Making Change Happen Making Change Happen Agreeing Performance Objectives That Work Agreeing Performance Objectives That Work Using Competencies Successfully Using Competencies Successfully WHAM! Getting the Best from Your Team WHAM! Getting the Best from Your Team