Management Challenges

Moving up to a management position can be a daunting prospect, as well as an exciting time.

In just a couple of minutes, these videos convey valuable insights into managing people and provide practical support for working through some of the more tricky situations new managers are likely to face.

Filmed on a white background, so that viewers focus on the learning messages, the scenarios are based on real examples of ‘people challenges’ at work and therefore strike a chord with learners and engage them fully in thinking about the issues.

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Give yourself the best start by establishing trust


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How to adjust to the new group dynamic when you’re promoted to team manager


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Earn the respect and support of experts, who know more than you do

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Avoid comparison with the team’s previous – and popular! – manager


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It’s tough dealing with a poor performer – but it has to be done!


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How to engage older workers so they make valuable contributions – and aren’t just written off


Running Time

Running time: 2 minutes


Subject Guide

Each of these videos comes with its own short Subject Guide, which summarises the key learning points from the video. Print out for future reference and use as prompt guide during conversations.



Learners can download a customised certificate as evidence of the video viewing, so long as they watch to the end of the programme.