Management Pearls

Hugh Murray, video script writer, director and consultant shares some insights and thoughts on managing people and managing time, based on his career working with organisations around the world. Topics include time management in the modern workplace, getting emotional commitment to performance objectives and the manager’s role in implementing change.

In an informal, relaxed style, Hugh talks about his experiences, offering tips and insights along the way and encouraging learners to think about a range of management responsibilities.


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Insights into how to achieve what you want with the time available.


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Understanding what your people need from you during change.


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Insights into using coaching as a style of management.

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Tips for ensuring your people focus on what’s important.


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Objectives are useless unless actually achieved – so here’s how to get commitment.


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Practical suggestions for making competencies work for you.


Running Time

2-5 minutes


Subject Guide

Each of these videos comes with its own short Subject Guide, which summarises the key learning points from the video. Print out for future reference and use as prompt guide during conversations.



Learners can download a customised certificate as evidence of the video viewing, so long as they watch to the end of the programme.