Management Skills

These drama-based videos illustrate core management skills and behaviour. They cover essential management topics by following the key character, who learns better – and more successful – ways of addressing a problem, making a decision or coaching their people.

These videos explore their topics in more depth than the other videos in the WATCH & GO® library but still retain a clarity of purpose, delivering clear and positive messages, which are illustrated through practical scenarios and examples of realistic behaviour.

The range of videos in the Management Skills collection are also available as physical DVD resource packs, complete with ready-made workshop sessions, hand-outs and presentation slides.

Coaching DVD Pack

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Absence management

Conducting Return-to-Work Interviews and Absence Review Meetings positively and consistently


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Encouraging people to think through a problem or task for themselves


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Objective setting

Gaining emotional and intellectual commitment to achieving objectives


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Using competencies to help you succeed in performance reviews, promotion interviews and in your personal development


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Practical tips for addressing performance problems before they get out of hand.

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Conducting job interviews that are effective, objective, transparent and legal


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Managing a team

Agreeing priorities, resolving problems and motivating your people


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Development objectives

Personal Development Reviews that explore people’s aspirations and interests


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Making change happen

What managers must do to communicate and implement change successfully



Absenteeism DVD Pack

All nine titles are also available as DVD resource packs at £995 plus carriage & VAT each. Call 01638 723590 for details or email


Running Time

14-20 minutes


Subject Guide

Each of these videos comes with its own short Subject Guide, which summarises the key learning points from the video. Print out for future reference and use as prompt guide during conversations.



Learners can download a customised certificate as evidence of the video viewing, so long as they watch to the end of the programme.