What To Say When...

These bite-sized videos illustrate how to handle tricky situations at work and what to say in difficult conversations with colleagues. They show your people how to communicate effectively and work productively, even when they are faced with typical workplace problems.

Filmed on a white background so that viewers focus on the learning message rather than the background context, these fun videos hit home with seriously useful messages for all of us, regardless of our role, our organisation or our experience.

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Here are examples of just six titles from the What To Say When… series:


WTSW Poster Image

Feeling let down? Calmly explain what the impact has been on you


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Give yourself the best chance of getting your proposal heard


WTSW Poster Image

How to welcome a new colleague so you both benefit immediately

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How to raise a tricky subject skilfully without causing offence


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Don’t get bounced into something which makes you feel uncomfortable


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How to prioritise and flag up when there’s a work overload!


Running Time

3-4 minutes


Subject Guide

Each of these videos comes with its own short Subject Guide, which summarises the key learning points from the video. Print out for future reference and use as prompt guide during conversations.



Learners can download a customised certificate as evidence of the video viewing, so long as they watch to the end of the programme.