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Designed to be in demand, as well as on demand, these short punchy WATCH & GO® videos make it quick and easy for your people to learn valuable concepts and useful phrases to use in their everyday working lives. With WATCH & GO® videos there’s no need to set aside time to learn; your learners just integrate them into daily activities. They simply watch – and go!

Delivered simply through our easy-to-use StreamLearning™ platform, or via links we supply to embed in your own learning management system, WATCH & GO® videos show managers and team members how to communicate effectively and work productively.

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The video library comprises four main categories. How to get the best out of:


Your People

Management and leadership

Your Colleagues

Communication and teamwork

Your Boss

Working with your manager


Personal development

What our customers say...

“The viewing figures are great”
“Short and to the point”
“Informative and well made”
“Our users find them valuable”

“Easy to use”

The 'One to Watch' for December

Got a great idea?

What To Say When You've Had a Great Idea’ is the 'One to Watch' for December. This short video shows how to present your ideas to give them the very best chance of being implemented.

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Microlearning with video

WATCH & GO videos show your people how to perform better at work by illustrating practical phrases and key behaviours, typically in just 3-4 minutes, and sometimes in seconds!

Learners simply 'watch' and then 'go', equipped to deal with everyday workplace challenges.

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Video titles

This complete list of all the videos in the WATCH & GO® library gives you a quick and comprehensive understanding of the titles we have available. It includes the running time of each video.