Coronavirus – What We’re Doing

I’m a firm believer in doing what you can and not wasting energy on things you can’t control. As well as working to ensure the health and wellbeing of our team here, our focus at Scott Bradbury is on finding ways to help you mitigate some of the downsides and make the most of the opportunities when your people are working from home.

We’re making our featured video ‘Working In Uncertain Times’ available to all organisations free of charge throughout 2020 on request. And we’re opening up our customised video Learning Pathways to all organisations too – you choose up to 15 video titles and we put them together for you in a custom-built pathway, at a fraction of the price you’d usually pay. It’s a great way to engage people in a worthwhile activity when they’re working from home. And, of course, our WATCH & GO online video learning services are unaffected by coronavirus.

At Scott Bradbury we’re all working remotely and meeting virtually – it’s business as abnormal! Our phones are working, and we’d love to hear from you. Now, more than ever, it’s good to talk! So do call us for a chat on 01638 723590 or email Let’s get our heads (virtually) together and see what we can do!

See how to do it better!

WATCH & GO® videos make it quick and easy for your people to see how to perform better and achieve more at work.

For personal effectiveness, managing others, communicating with colleagues and dealing with ‘tricky’ situations, your people simply watch – and go!

New videos for Spring 2020


New for Spring 2020 
Eight new videos | 4 new video categories | Customised video pathways

Annual subscription includes:

  • Unlimited corporate wide access
  • Customised Learning Pathways
  • Downloadable learning guides
  • Year-round support and promotions
  • New video releases including 8 new titles

Call 01638 723590 for details and to see the videos in action on your own trial site.

New 'One to Watch' for April


Working in Uncertain Times

The Covid-19 pandemic presents us with change and uncertainty on an unprecedented scale.  Although this short video was not made specifically in response to the coronavirus emergency, its learning messages are highly relevant, and the new accompanying article relates them to our current challenges.

Both the video and article are available to all organisations, free of charge, by request.

See this WATCH & GO® video now.  Read the new feature article.  Call 01638 723590 or email 

4 new video categories

Accuracy and Personal Efficiency
Getting the best from yourself

Communication, Influence and Teamwork
Getting the best from each other

Managing Performance and Productivity
Getting the best from your people

Culture and Wellbeing
Being the best for your organisation

People, Performance and Productivity

Our short videos (typically lasting 3-5 minutes) illustrate practical techniques and demonstrate key behaviours for performing better and achieving more at work. 

Learners simply 'watch' and then 'go', equipped to deal with everyday workplace challenges.

Transport For London Case study

What our customers say...

“The viewing figures are great”
“Short and to the point”
“Informative and well made”
“Our users find them valuable”

“Easy to use”

New videos for 2020

8 new videos launch in January and plans are in place for more later in the year.

New titles complement our workshop programmes on accuracy, data quality and correct written communication. Topics include preventing mistakes in emails, concentration skills and workspace wellbeing.

Video titles and topics   

This complete list of all WATCH & GO® videos gives you a quick and comprehensive understanding of the titles we have available and the topic areas we cover.