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WATCH & GO® videos make it easy for you to do more online and deliver learning that works.

These short videos:

  1. Deliver clear, to the point, practical messages to improve personal effectiveness, communication skills, leadership and wellbeing
  2. Are mapped to your internal programmes to provide bespoke video Learning Pathways
  3. Illustrate real human behaviours, not animated cartoons - because people learn best when they relate to what they see.


Not all video learning is the same

Real people, not cartoons | British made Personal service

Annual subscription includes:

  • Unlimited corporate-wide access
  • Bespoke video Learning Pathways
  • Easy access via our portal and yours
  • Downloadable written learning guides
  • Year-round support and promotions
  • New video releases.

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New 'One to Watch' for September

Dealing with Distractions

How do you ever get things done when you’re constantly interrupted and surrounded by distractions?
This short video, Dealing with Distractions, show you how to implement simple, practical ideas to focus your attention on priority tasks, without getting side-tracked.
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Custom-built Video Learning Pathways

We’ll map our video content to your internal learning initiatives to create personal signposted learning journeys through the WATCH & GO® videos.

Have as many custom-built Learning Pathways as you wish, all at no additional charge.

Use our readymade video Learning Pathways, too. Example pathways include:

  • Resilience & Wellbeing
  • New Manager
  • Collaborating well with Colleagues
  • Time Management & Priorities
  • Accuracy & Personal Effectiveness
  • Managing Change
  • Giving Effective Feedback

Topic-themed guided tours through the WATCH & GO® videos.

4 new video categories

Accuracy and Personal Efficiency
Getting the best from yourself

Communication, Influence and Teamwork
Getting the best from each other

Managing Performance and Productivity
Getting the best from your people

Culture and Wellbeing
Being the best for your organisation

People, Performance and Productivity

Our short videos (typically lasting 3-5 minutes) illustrate practical techniques and demonstrate key behaviours for performing better and achieving more at work. 

Learners simply 'watch' and then 'go', equipped to deal with everyday workplace challenges.

Transport For London Case study

What our customers say...

“The viewing figures are great”
“Short and to the point”
“Informative and well made”
“Our users find them valuable”

“Easy to use”

Short videos for busy people

Short, bite-sized videos and microlearning are all very well. But you need those 5-minute videos and '4-minute reads' to deliver practical tools, insightful ideas and reliable support. It's what you pack into those short minutes that matters. And crucially, what happens afterwards. See how our unique WATCH & GO approach addresses these issues.

Video titles and topics   

This complete list of all WATCH & GO® videos gives you a quick and comprehensive understanding of the titles we have available and the topic areas we cover.