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Videos which illustrate practical skills and behaviour for communicating professionally at work



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3-5 minute videos


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Our behavioural, soft skills virtual video training includes topics on
leadership, coaching, wellbeing and more


Accuracy and Personal Efficiency

Communication, Influence and Teamwork

Managing Performance and Productivity

Culture and Wellbeing

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WATCH & GO challenges

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Useful interactive tools which test your people’s skills. Use as a standalone tool even if you don’t subscribe to our videos.


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Not all video learning is the same

WATCH & GO is more than just about the video - it’s that extra click at the end where you then download the summary pdf - an all-round learning resource”



Not all video learning services are the same

“The advice, support and guidance provided by all the staff at Scott Bradbury has been outstanding. They have been a pleasure to work with during this process and we are looking forward to continuing this successful working relationship”



Not all video learning is such great value for money

“What we really liked about WATCH & GO was that the platform was mobile-friendly and compatible with multiple devices”




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