Video for learning

Why video?

Video is easy to access from almost anywhere and warmly welcomed by learners. People readily embrace the concept of learning from video and find it easy to absorb ideas and take on learning messages when they are illustrated in video. It’s not difficult or arduous to view a video, so as a learning medium it has a lot going for it!

Some topics lend themselves particularly well to video treatment. The illustration of skills and behaviours are ideal for portrayal in video because learners can observe the impact and effect of certain phrases, approaches and interactions. They can see for themselves how some behaviours generate the desired response, whilst others don’t!

Why WATCH & GO® videos?

What’s different about WATCH & GO® videos is that they are made by us. As experts in the field of video learning, with decades’ experience of working in this learning medium, we know how to make video work for you as an integral part of your learning provision.


Clear Messages

It’s not easy to distil key learning messages into one or two key points and to present them clearly in a way that engages and stimulates your learners.

We don't overcrowd our videos with loads of ideas. Each programme has just two or three key practical concepts which we use the power of video to convey. We base our scenarios on real situations so learners relate to what they see.

Many video learning resources fall into the trap of cramming too many messages into one programme. Or they seek to entertain by portraying absurd behaviour. The former leads to information overload and the latter leads to lack of engagement. In both cases there’s nothing concrete and practical for the learner to grasp, to take away and use for themselves.

Our aim is to improve your people's workplace performance by providing them with useful insights, practical phrases and ‘aha’ moments – words, phrases and ideas that really make a difference to the way your people manage their teams, communicate with colleagues and develop themselves.

The WATCH & GO® concept

We believe in communicating clear, simple and effective messages, which are easy to take on board. And that’s how the concept of WATCH & GO® was born. With WATCH & GO® videos you don’t need to set aside time to learn; you just watch the videos as part of your everyday activities. You simply watch – and go!

In telephone research, online learners stated that they were very open to using video for learning and liked the idea.

“Video makes it easy to absorb information”

  • Short and punchy

  • Credible scenarios

  • Believable characters

  • Practical messages

  • High quality production

  • Quick to access

  • Mobile friendly


Learning with Desktop

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