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The WATCH & GO® video library

The WATCH & GO® library consists of different video collections, offering an engaging mix of presentation styles. All video content is researched, written and produced by us, so the learning messages and ethos are consistent. All the videos can be used for blended learning, personal learning, mobile learning and workshop delivery.

What To Say When...

These 3-4 minute videos illustrate a key phrase to use when faced with a tricky situation at work or when you are about to have a difficult conversation with a colleague. These brilliant communications skills videos perfectly capture those awkward moments and give you simple strategies and phrases for handling them effectively.

What To Say When... in 90 seconds

In just 90 seconds these cartoon-illustrated videos convey their messages clearly and simply! You understand instantly what to say when someone is late, when someone annoys you and when someone criticises you… There are a dozen of these videos, each illustrating a wonderfully powerful phrase for you to use.

Management Challenges

Management Challenges are bite-sized videos especially useful for new managers grappling with the people aspect of their role. Whether it’s establishing credibility, dealing with a poor performer or gaining the respect of different team members, these videos strike a chord with new managers everywhere.

Management Skills

More in-depth and featuring a character on a learning journey, these drama-based videos cover core management topics like change, objective setting, feedback and coaching. Part of the overall WATCH & GO® video library, they are also available as separate physical DVD resource packs with ready-made training activities.

Management Pearls

Video script writer and director Hugh Murray FCIPD shares valuable insights and practical tips, drawing on his research and work with organisations around the world. Topics include time management in the modern workplace, getting emotional commitment to performance objectives and the manager’s role in implementing change.

List of video titles

This complete list of all the videos in the WATCH & GO® library gives you a quick and comprehensive understanding of the titles we have available. It includes the running time of each video.