What To Say When... in 90 seconds

If you’re after fast, clear and to the point learning messages, these cartoon-illustrated ‘What To Say When’ videos fit the bill perfectly! Lasting just 90 seconds each, they illustrate instantly usable phrases, simply and clearly. No ifs, buts or maybes….just ‘aha’ moments! You can’t get quicker or clearer than this.

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Here are examples of just six titles from the What To Say When… in 90 Seconds series:


WTSW Poster Image

How to comment on poor timing keeping – and why you must!


WTSW Poster Image

Turning a negative encounter into a more positive one

WTSW Poster Image

Dealing with interruptions when you need to focus on something else

WTSW Poster Image

How to make sure you have the other person’s full attention


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Understanding why you’re annoyed – and asking yourself, is it reasonable?

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Being really specific and unambiguous about what you want done

Running Time

90 seconds



Learners can download a customised certificate as evidence of the video viewing, so long as they watch to the end of the programme.